Shine Landing is a gated community near Arapahoe, North Carolina that lies along Dawson's Creek, near its confluence with the Neuse River. Residents enjoy the laid back, coastal lifestyle that features mild temperatures (the 35th Parallel runs almost exactly through Shine Landing) but can still experience changing seasons.
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You'll meet wonderful neighbors here. Life is easy, and you'll build enduring friendships at our spacious club house with its pool and tennis courts.

Shine Landing lies in the middle of a boater's paradise. The Neuse River is almost four miles wide beyond the mouth of Dawson's Creek. Just across the river, the Intra Coastal Waterway continues southward at Adams Creek, culminating in the jumping off places for Caribbean destinations. But for day trips and gunkholing, you only have to leave Dawson Creek to find miles and miles of world class, protected waters with wonderful destinations on the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound.